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At Unity Cheer, we believe in inspiring our cheerleaders to become CHEER LEADERS.  We teach our athletes the importance of becoming a good leader by modeling qualities of leadership such as RESPECT, INTEGRITY, HUMILITY, SPORTSMANSHIP, and FAIRNESS. We hold everyone in the gym accountable for creating and maintaining a positive learning environment; whether they are coaches, parents, or athletes. We want everyone to have a sense of “Unity” by working “TOGETHER AS ONE” so that we may build a strong community and program within our facility, Jeffersontown, and Louisville.


Dwyana Garrett

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Teach and Tumble for Toddlers 

Teach and Tumble for Toddlers is for ages 5 and under

Children and Parents get to experience an hour and a half of fun and learning!!!
Sessions include dancing & singing, story time, activities, games, and open gym/free play!!!

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Dwyana Garrett
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