If you're looking for high quality personalized cheerleading services, you have come to the right place! At Unity Cheer, we believe in providing a safe environment for all athletes that focus on building confidence and skills.

We emphasize the importance of being a model leader and inspire our athletes to become cheer LEADERS. Coaches and athletes model qualities of leadership such as RESPECT, INTEGRITY, HUMILITY, SPORTSMANSHIP, AND FAIRNESS.

We specialize in providing personalized one-on-one instruction to individual athletes and small class sizes. By providing these services, athletes gain and improve their skills at a faster rate and continue to build on current skill level.


Located in the heart of Jeffersontown Louisville, our services are the best and come with a personalized touch for each athlete in order to meet the unique needs of the individual.


Together As One...Unity Cheer


Unity Cheer Inc.

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