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Dwyana Garrett

Owner, All Star Coach, Tumbling Instructor   FIRST AID CERTIFIED

Hello, my name is Dwyana Garrett and I am the owner, tumbling coach, and All Star Coach at Unity Cheer. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and a Master’s Degree in Special Education. My experience includes 26 years of combined competitive gymnastics, cheerleading, and coaching. My competitive gymnastics and cheerleading experience includes training at the Bela Karolyi's gymnastics camp,the Official Training site of the USA National Team, 8 years middle school / all-star cheer, and 4 years as a cheerleader at Kentucky State University. I am an American Association Cheerleading Coaches and Administration (AACCA) certified coach as well as First Aid certified.




Ashley Kimbrough

All Star Coach, Tumbling Instructor  FIRST AID CERTIFIED

Ashley Kimbrough was born and raised right here in Louisville, Ky. Coach Ashley has 10 years of combined Cheer and Coaching experience. Ashley is a graduate of Kentucky State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics. Ashley later received a Masters of Arts in Middle School Education from Morehead State University. While at Kentucky State University her activities included cheerleading, working with the Jumpstart Program, and volunteering with the Frankfort Bengals Little League Cheerleading Team. Ashley is a Kindergarten Teacher at The Westend School. Since her childhood Ashley has known she wanted to teach and work with children she began to make this dream a reality by volunteering or working with children and youth to gain experience with in various activities. Ashley believes that it takes a village to raise a child and since she has no children yet she is excited to be a part of Unity Cheer to help you teach your children sportsmanship and discipline.


Danielle Brown

Dance Instructor- First Aid Certified

Hello, my name is Danielle. I have 23 years of combined Dance and Coaching experience. I am a graduate of Bellarmine University with a double major in English and Political Science. I am a former 4 year member of the Bellarmine University Dance Team. We were the 2015 National Dance Alliance (NDA)  Division II National Champions. I have competed all through elementary, middle, and high school in Jazz, Tap, and Alternative. Dancing was something I was born to do.



Lindsey Creech


Lindsey Creech is a native from Louisville, Kentucky, where she currently resides and has spent majority of her life. Lindsey has 23 years of combined Cheerleading and Coaching experience which includes cheering for little league, middle school and Louisville Male High school. During her junior and senior year of high school, Lindsey branched into another level of cheerleading as she joined Gymtyme’s competition team. While cheering with Gymtyme, she was able to travel while winning championships and honors; but it doesn’t stop there. Falling into her calling, Lindsey wanted to give back to others and work with children. She volunteered as the head cheerleading coach at Shelby Elementary preparing them for basketball games, pep rally’s and show cases. After high school, Lindsey stayed in her home state and went to Kentucky State University where she cheered and served on the board of student government as the 2008-2009 Miss Kentucky State University. She graduated from Kentucky State University with a Bachelors in Liberal Studies concentration in Health and minor in Psychology. After graduation, Lindsey forwarded her degree at Spalding University as she obtained at Bachelors in Nursing. She currently works as a Cardiac Critical Care Nurse at Norton hospital. Lindsey plans to go back to school to receive her Doctor of Nursing Practice.