Dance- Additional Cost/Fees

Our technique/recreational dance program is split into sessions (Summer: June-August, Fall/Winter September-December, Winter/Spring: January-April

Each session can be paid in full or monthly

Each session does require a tuition commitment/agreement for the enrolled session as dancers and coaches prepare for recitals and training sessions. This applies to ALL dance customers

Monthly Cost: $45/month; $12 yearly registration fee per student that must be paid prior to the beginning of the first class/session. Annual registration fee for siblings (2 children) will be $17 yearly. Months that have an additional week, or "5th Week" will be charged a portion of the regular weekly rate which is in the amount of $6 extra charge. This will be included in the monthly tuition statement.

(5th week discount only applies to dance/cheer classes)

Additional cost that may occur are for costume, make up, accessories, and choreography for performance in our Annual Holiday Open House, Spring Recital, and Gaslight Festival Parade.


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