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All Star Prep

Welcome to Unity Cheer’s All Star Prep Program!

At Unity Cheer, we believe in inspiring our cheerleaders to become CHEER LEADERS.  We teach our athletes the importance of becoming a good leader by modeling qualities of leadership such as RESPECT, INTEGRITY, HUMILITY, SPORTSMANSHIP, and FAIRNESS. We hold everyone in the gym accountable for creating and maintaining a positive learning environment; whether they are coaches, parents, or athletes. We want everyone to have a sense of “Unity” by working “TOGETHER AS ONE” so that we may build a strong community and program within our facility, Jeffersontown, and Louisville.

Dwyana Garrett

Owner/ Coach

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Unity Cheer All Stars

Unity Cheer All Stars is currently in the 5th season as an All Star program. We have two teams with athletes 5-13 years old. The Blue Pearls (Junior Level 1)  and Silver Pearls (Junior Level 2) teams compete in local and National competitions.

Next Season Evaluations will begin in May 2018.